Dr. Gregory Lum
We provide individualized care to diverse patient populations, employing current scientific evidence and the ancient art of caring.


Dr. Lum is my hero!! He is just great. He took care of both of our sons when they were delivered in Los Gatos . He made sure he was available when they were born; not because I am a doctor but because he does that for all of his patients. He is extremely skilled and professional. He circumcised both of our sons and was meticulous in his technique. In the office he is always on time and allows plenty of time for all of his patients. We never feel rushed or feel that our questions are stupid. We always leave his office feeling confident that we are doing a good job. Dr. Lum is very caring and compassionate. When we wanted to leave the hospital early after the birth of our second son, he came in late in the evening to do the circumcision, check our boy and let us go home. His staff is great too. They really know babies and have been there for a long time. Even though I am a doctor, I had a lot to learn about caring for my own sons and they always made my wife and I feel great. I am a physician and I completely trust Dr. Lum to care for my two boys that I love enormously.

– Posted by Dr. Parsons on vitals.com

Awesome! This is the BEST doctor and the office staff are really nice. The office is clean and everyone is cheerful and helpful. My daughter has been going to this office for 14 years. I won't change insurance until I make sure Dr. Lum is in network. I wish I could be a patient there, but, alas, I'm older than 21. Dr. Lum talks to the parent but also the child. He waits until you are finished before he even stands up to leave! He is very knowledgeable and super friendly, always smiling and laughing! This office has spoiled me for all other doctors, I start to think all doctors are like this but sadly they aren't. You never feel like you are bothering him/them. Also, they get back to you very quickly if you call.

– Posted on ratemds.com

We so enjoy Dr. Lum with his fabulous ties and charming bedside manner. He is gentle, and a bit playful too. His doctoring is excellent: we really trust him with the care of our children. We have found the medical treatment there to be careful and thorough, while at the same time very pragmatic. His advice is always down to earth.

His staff is loyal and pleasant, which must mean that they enjoy their jobs there. The other doctor in the practice has also provided excellent care for our children on several occasions. They also have an after hours nurse line that we have availed ourselves of when we just didn't know how to proceed, and that helped us through a few unpleasant scrapes.

We were just there are few days ago to get my daughter's ears pierced. That was a great alternative to a teenager wielding a piercing gun at the mall. Both ears were done at the same time, which made it so much easier for my daughter, who was nervous.

– Posted by Karen M. on yelp.com